how to be more attractive to women

How to be More Attractive to Women: 15 Scientific Secrets 

Attracting women can be a mystery to many men, but it doesn't have to be. While everyone has their own unique preferences and tastes, there are certain qualities and behaviors that tend to be universally attractive to women. 

In this article, we'll explore some of these qualities and behaviors, and offer practical tips on how you can incorporate them into your own life to become more attractive to women. 

Whether you're looking to improve your dating prospects, or simply want to be more attractive to the women in your life, this article has something for you. So, let's get started on how to be more attractive to women.

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Making people laugh

Being able to make someone laugh can be a valuable skill in any relationship, as it can help to build a connection and create a positive, light-hearted atmosphere. 

When it comes to the opposite sex, making women laugh shows signs of intelligence and wit, which are attractive qualities in a partner.

A good sense of humor can be attractive to others because it shows that a person is intelligent, playful, and can handle difficult situations with grace.

Not only that, but laughter has actually been shown to have a number of health benefits, including reducing stress and boosting mood. 

You don’t have to be a professional comedian, but showing off your lighter side when the occasion calls for it is a fantastic way of attracting women. 

Step up your fitness

We’ve all seen the Instagram shots of models on the beach, wearing next to nothing and showing off rock-hard abs. Social media is a blight on society for many reasons, and altering the worldwide perception of physical attraction is one of them.

But don’t get downhearted just yet. You don’t need to have an 8-pack to attract the women in your life, although it would help.

Even if guys hit the gym just a few times a week they can see good results. Building some muscle and lowering body fat around the waist area will do wonders for confidence and the way you carry yourself. 

This gym activity also helps with increased energy and reduced risk of heart conditions, so it’s a win-win all round. 

Stick to a routine, hit the gym 2-3 times a week or invest in some home gym equipment. Within a few months you’ll be getting an extra few pairs of eyes on you as you walk into the bar.

Have a sense of adventure

Women like a bit of excitement from time to time. Routine is the backbone of your week, but throwing in spontaneous adventures every so often can keep the senses alive. 

A sense of adventure is associated with qualities such as openness, curiosity, and a willingness to try new things. These traits can be attractive to potential partners because they indicate a person who is open to new experiences and is willing to take risks.

You don’t need to be skydiving every weekend, but filling up your calendar with a few extracurricular activities will certainly help to keep life exciting and show women that you have a bit of a wild side. 

Open body language

Before we had speech, we had body language. 

They say that up to 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through body language. Which explains why it’s so important to use it correctly, in order to communicate confidence, openness, and approachability. 

Open body language can include things like maintaining eye contact, having an open stance (arms and legs uncrossed), and using gestures to emphasize points.

It’s particularly important in social and professional situations because it can make others more comfortable and can facilitate communication and connection. 

Not only that, but It can also be helpful in building trust and establishing rapport with others. It’s not hard to see why this is so important when wondering how to be more attractive to women.

Tidy outfit

When you look good, you feel good. We’re not sure what the science is behind it, but it’s just true.

When you’re looking fresh in a tidy outfit you’ll enjoy a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Well-fitting, stylish clothing can make a good impression on others and can be seen as a sign of respect for the occasion or event.

Not to mention, it’s also comfortable. And if you’re comfortable you’ll feel more at ease and able to focus on having a good time, which boosts your attractiveness even further. 

Wearing a good cologne

A top tip for guys: Find a good cologne and make it your scent.

We’ve lost count of the number of women over the years who have complimented a choice in cologne, and once they have that scent in their minds they’ll remember you every time they smell something similar.

Not only does it make you smell good, but it can be a way for a man to express his personal style and preferences.


Good grooming enhances a man’s appearance. This is just a fact. Not all men are born with the same level of physical attractiveness, we all have different face shapes and sizes.

But taking care of your personal hygiene and grooming is an easy win, and a way to get ahead of others if they don’t pay the same attention.

It can also convey a sense of self-respect. It shows that a man values themselves and takes pride in their appearance. This can be attractive to others.

Being well groomed and dressed appropriately for different occasions can show that a person is respectful and considerate of the event or situation. This can be attractive to others.

Keep the haircut under control. Keep the beard trimmed with a solid razor. Keep washing regularly and never let your standards slip. 

Work on that Posture

Stop slouching! 

How many times have you heard that over the years? Well, turns out that if you’re a sloucher, it could be impacting your chances with the opposite sex.

Of course, having good posture helps to reduce strain on the muscles, joints, and bones in the back, neck, and shoulders. This obviously helps to prevent pain and injury in these areas.

But apart from the health benefits, good posture can make a person look and feel more confident. Standing up straight with your shoulders back can give the impression of being in control and self-assured.

Not only that, but it improves blood flow to the brain, which may help to enhance mental function and concentration. 

So start working on your posture and making sure you are coming across as confident and in control as you can. 

Being a gentleman

At the end of the day, nothing beats coming across as a good, old fashioned gentleman. Every woman in the world appreciates a man who shows respect and confidence in the right amounts. 

Kindness, manners, and consideration for others can boost your own self-confidence. Being known as a gentleman can lead to a positive reputation, which can be beneficial in both personal and professional contexts.

Being a gentleman can also bring a sense of personal fulfillment, as it often involves acting in ways that are morally and ethically sound. Work hard on raising your standards and watch how others around you react. 

Hang with a solid group of likeminded men

In modern society many men have gone down the route of the lone wolf. 

This can be beneficial for certain tasks, however out in the wild even wolves hunt in packs. And science is showing that men who move in groups are also deemed more attractive. 

Studies from the US have been telling us that men were said to look better when they moved in groups, as opposed to walking individually. 

Apparently this is called the Cheerleader Effect. Even if a single man isn’t deemed attractive, the social proof of being amongst a group makes up for it. Science literally tells us this is how to be more attractive to women.

Not to mention that men working together in groups helps to motivate and inspire. As the saying goes, iron sharpens iron. 

Having a passion

Having a passion or something that a man is deeply interested in can help to increase attraction to women. 

It shows drive and dedication. A man with a passion is likely to be motivated to pursue his interests. This can be attractive because it suggests that he is determined and motivated.

A passion can give a man a sense of purpose and direction in life, which can be attractive to women. 

If a man's passion is something that others are also interested in, it can provide a basis for conversation and shared experiences.

It also suggests a well-rounded personality. Having a passion can indicate that a man has diverse interests, with many features to his character. 

Talking a good game 

Being comfortable talking to different people is vital for building and maintaining relationships.

Good social skills boost a man's self-confidence, which can be attractive to women.

Of course, you want to make a good first impression to any woman you meet. Good social skills are necessary to help a man make a positive impression on women, which can increase his chances of attracting them.

It’s also important for building and maintaining strong relationships. You need to be able to communicate your thoughts and feelings in an effective way. 

Being confident 

Confidence is key. 

Many women find confidence in men to be attractive, as it suggests that the man is self-assured and comfortable in his own skin.

Confidence can also make a man more approachable, as it suggests that he is open to meeting new people and engaging with them.

Not only that, but it helps to make a man more interesting, as it suggests that he is comfortable taking risks and trying new things.

Women want men who are self-assured and less prone to insecurities. 

Earning potential 

We’re not suggesting that women are golddiggers (well, obviously there are some out there but the vast majority are not like this). However the earning potential of a man is a big factor as it indicates how much support they can provide if things go wrong. 

If a woman is thinking of settling down and having kids with you, she needs to know you’d be able to support her through job losses, illness or anything else that can happen through life.

Earning potential also indicates ambition and drive. And it opens the door to more experiences in the future, such as traveling and seeing the world. If you’re wondering how to be more attractive to women then working on your ability to earn more will always help. Not just for attracting women, but also by raising your own value and the confidence that more money brings. 


We’re big believers in the power of positivity.

Positivity is contagious, and being around a positive person can be uplifting and energizing. It’s also a sign of emotional intelligence. Nothing screams masculinity more than a man who is able to regulate his emotions and respond to challenges in a healthy way. 

Remaining positive in the face of adversity is also a sign of resilience. You don’t want to break at the first sign of trouble. Women love when men are able to bounce back from challenges and setbacks. 

Next time you’re going through your tasks for the week, don’t approach them with the mindset of, “I have to do this thing.” 

Instead say, “I GET to do this thing.” Switch your thinking, rewire the brain and remind yourself that you’re lucky that you’re in a position to do these things. Then let that positivity seep into other areas of your life. You’ll be surprised how big a difference this can make to your attractiveness to women. 

How to be more attractive to women

So there you have it. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to be more attractive to women. You don’t need to tick all of these off the list, either. Working on a handful of them and raising your value as a man will go a long way to helping you attract the women you want.

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